Faculty pushes for Hogan’s resignation

Distinguished faculty members are now calling for University President Michael Hogan’s resignation, which would be the second change in three years. The same group of faculty who wrote to the Board of Trustees last month is soliciting signatures from more than 200 chaired professors — 114 who have already signed on, as of Saturday.

However, University spokesman Tom Hardy said Hogan does not intend to resign, and the trustees have been “unequivocal in their support” throughout his presidency.

The letter — to be delivered to the board Monday — cites examples of what the faculty members view as unacceptable presidential behavior, citing the lack of management style from Hogan. The letter condemns several communications from Hogan to Chancellor and Vice President Phyllis Wise, calling it “extraordinary bullying.”

Emails obtained by The Daily Illini show that Hogan pushed the chancellors to accept his enrollment management recommendations and convey that message to faculty leaders.

“We have no need of kings on this campus, or of petty tyrants with delusions of grandeur, particularly ones as preoccupied with their own power as this one,” the letter states.

But Hardy said this letter contains unsubstantiated claims, calling it a distraction to Hogan’s plans.

“The president’s goal has been to enhance the University. … It is unfortunate and regrettable that there have been distractions as of late,” he said.

The letter is also critical of Hogan’s alleged involvement in the anonymous emails scandal that forced his chief confidante Lisa Troyer to resign.

However, the investigation into the anonymous emails found that Hogan was not involved or did not have knowledge of his former chief of staff’s actions.

The letter was co-authored by College of Law professor Michael Moore, who first wrote to Board of Trustees chairman Christopher Kennedy two weeks ago expressing no confidence in Hogan’s presidency.