Hogan’s March Madness

Faculty push for Hogan’s resignation

Feb. 26, 2012

Distinguished faculty members began openly calling for University President Michael Hogan’s resignation in a letter to the Board of Trustees with 130 signatures. University spokesman Tom Hardy said Hogan does not intend to resign, and the trustees have been “unequivocal in their support” throughout his presidency.

Board of Trustees calls emergency meeting, tells Hogan to ‘rebuild relationships’ or risk losing job

March 5, 2012

Board of Trustees chairman Christopher Kennedy asked Hogan to repair his relationship with the faculty in an emergency meeting, saying the relationship is salvageable. “I’d say that issues around rebuilding that support are issues that Mike Hogan needs to play a leadership role in. That is not something that the Board can do for him, but we are confident that Mike can do that for himself,” Kennedy said. “Time will tell.”

Hogan writes to University community

March 8, 2012

In a Massmail to the University community, Hogan said he is taking the Board of Trustees’ “thoughtful and candid advice very seriously,” days after meeting with the group to review growing concerns about his presidency. “I want the entire University community to know that I regret that this failure occurred,” Hogan said in the email.

Chaired faculty members demand Hogan’s resignation

March 15, 2012

Distinguished faculty members delivered another letter to the Board of Trustees calling for Hogan to be fired. In the letter, 118 professors said a Board of Trustees that does not act when the president is ethically compromised is unable to “effectively govern the institution it stewards.” They said Hogan’s reputation had deteriorated after the March 5 meeting — exactly the opposite of what the Board had hoped.

Hogan submits ‘Path Forward,’ the final revisions of enrollment management plan

March 19, 2012

Hogan sent a final, revised version of the enrollment management plan, which he called “The Path Forward,” to Don Chambers, University Senates Conference chair, on March 19. “It’s a demonstration of shared governance at its best. We’re joyous we’ve come to a positive conclusion,” Chambers said.

Kennedy announces Hogan’s resignation

March 22, 2012

The University community was notified in the early afternoon by Board of Trustees chairman Christopher Kennedy that Hogan had tendered his resignation. Hogan is to remain in the position until July 1, when former interim chancellor Bob Easter will take over.