Nonrefundable fee discussion reopened despite senate’s arbitrary feelings

The Illinois Student Senate voted in favor of a resolution to continue their discussion with administration about the recent policy change for refundable student fees.

Brock Gebhardt, senator emeritus and member of the Illini Media Board, said originally the fees were approved with the condition that if the students did not use the service, they could get their money back. With the new policy change, students can no longer get a refund.

“This resolution I’d like to bring to the senate’s attention because this is such a significant change,” Gebhardt said. “This is something that we very clearly disagree with. This is a lot of money that we’re talking about that students can no longer get back.”

With the majority of the senate voting in favor of the resolution, it is now up to the senators to follow through and speak with administrators.

Jim Maskeri, student senator and junior in LAS, said that the senate will soon be voting on language that will hopefully be included in the student code regarding these student fees next year.

“Personally, I feel like it’s repetitive (continuing to discuss this issue),” Maskeri said. “(But) I am very much in favor of discussing these things with the vice chancellor and continuing our dialogue with her because these are very important issues, this is a lot of money that students are dealing.”