Timsanity taking over the Big Apple

The Denver Broncos and the New York Jets can agree upon one thing: Tim Tebow was not worth a first round pick. Tebow — the 25th pick in the 2010 draft — and a seventh round draft pick were shipped to New York for a fourth and a sixth round pick in this year’s draft.

Since acquiring the former Heisman winner, Timsanity has taken over New York. Despite becoming one of the most eligible bachelors in the Big Apple, Tebow is probably the only one saving himself for marriage.

The move seemed strange at first — occurring shortly after the Jets signed Mark Sanchez to a five-year, $20 million extension — but is definitely a win-win situation for Tebow and the Jets. The front office has made it clear that Sanchez is the starter and Tebow will be used mostly in wildcat and goal line plays. However, it’s very easy to envision the scenario in New York playing out similarly to how it did in Denver with — with Tebow getting a chance to start, if and when Sanchez implodes.

Tebow has made it clear that whatever his role may be, he’s just super excited for this opportunity — which he alluded to 45 times in his introductory press conference. However, other quarterbacks in New York are less than enthused with the idea.

Sanchez will have to put on a fake smile for the cameras while Tebow busts out “Our God is an Awesome God” during warm-ups and pretend that he’s not fighting for his job.

Drew Stanton, who was Sanchez’s backup before the trade, couldn’t handle the idea of sitting behind Tebow on the depth chart, so he demanded, and was subsequently granted, a trade. Now with the Indianapolis Colts, Stanton will at least be able to watch some good quarterbacking behind Andrew Luck. Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath, who brought the Jets their only Super Bowl win, wasn’t too pleased with the news either, calling the move a “publicity stunt.”

A marketing ploy or not, it’s made the Jets the center of discussion in New York, regardless of the fact that it’s only March and the Giants just won the Super Bowl. The only way this situation could get any more attention would be if Tebow and Jeremy Lin move in together, become best friends and inevitably turn into a force so powerful, no single name-related pun could contain them. It sure would make one hell of a reality show.

The closer we get to next football season, Tebow talk will continue to increase exponentially until eventually they’ll be talking about him on every channel. Now that the word Tebow can be used as a noun, verb or adjective, it’s only a matter of time until Microsoft Word stops putting a red squiggly line underneath it and telling me I’ve misspelled “Tabor.”

Brace yourself, friends, for this is just the beginning. If you thought Tebowmania was crazy in Denver, just wait until he actually suits up and plays in the biggest media market in the country.

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