UI, campus groups host Sexual Assault Awareness Month events

Men wore high heels and made laps around the Quad on Friday to show their support for an end to sexual violence. The Women’s Resource Center hosted the event, called “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.”

Ryan Jenson, sophomore in Engineering, said he participated because he thought it was a good cause and a funny way to show support.

At the end of the event, women participants joined the men for their final lap.

“The fact that all these guys are coming out and raising awareness is really powerful,” said Meg Hickey, senior in FAA. “It’s a good way of showing the awareness and seeing how many people on this campus really care.”

Sexual Assault Awareness Month begins April, and several campus organizations are hosting events for it.

This week, the “Red-Flag Campaign Kick-Off Event” will take place on the Quad at noon Monday. Red flags, which are meant to symbolize warning signs in a relationship, will be scattered around the Quad. The event is intended to get students talking more about such issues and to notice the campaign posters around campus.

Matt Webb, senior in Engineering, is planning on attending the event.

“It’s an important issue because there are people who don’t realize emotional and verbal abuse go along with physical abuse,” he said.

On Tuesday, a “Let’s Talk About Sex” workshop will be held at ISR Townsend at 7 p.m. The workshop, led by two counseling center paraprofessionals, will focus on communication promoting consensual sex by playing a game with candy.

Jenson learned about Sexual Assault Awareness month at the Friday’s event.

“I don’t know too much about the events, but I’d like to go to more,” he said. “There’s such a high rate of sexual assault, and it’s an embarrassment for men. If I could do anything to stop it, I don’t see why I wouldn’t.”