Student senate to discuss supporting Easter as president

The Illinois Student Senate will discuss revising the senate bylines to make the Champaign and Urbana city council liaisons a formal position within ISS and will discuss student support for the appointment of Robert Easter as University president.

“This change (regarding the Champaign and Urbana City Council liaisons) will detail the exact role of these positions so the ISS and student body will gain greater access to what is being discussed in our communities to better connect our campus with Champaign and Urbana,” Sam Barghi, vice president-external, said.

He said ideally these liaisons will be able to serve on the Champaign and Urbana city councils in a formal capacity.

“Whether if it’s having voting privileges or otherwise, as is the case on some other Big Ten campuses, we need to first take this step before we can see these positions grow to an even larger capacity,” he said.

The senate will also discuss creating a resolution that will show student support for Easter’s recent appointment as University President.

“I think it’s important we show support for our new president because he’s done so much for the University,” Jim Maskeri, student senator and junior in LAS, said. “It’s time to pass an official resolution that says that.”