Illinois student senate teams up with geology class

Beer bottles. Cigarette butts. Coke cans. Littered papers and plastics. These are the invisibles just outside your door, lodged in a corner, and if not taken care of, will remain there for years, slowly decomposing. It’s unsightly, disgusting and lowers the quality of our campus. To take a stand against the disintegration of this campus, Illinois Student Senate and the class GE 462: Leading Sustainable Change are teaming up to clean up.

On April 29 from noon to 2 p.m., we are inviting the whole campus to team up and pick up litter in our own campus neighborhood. We’re meeting at the Illini Student Union Anniversary Plaza. We’ll have free T-shirts, gloves and bags. Refreshments will be served afterward, and prizes for different categories will also be presented.

Though it is a small step, it is a step in the right direction. We hope that by calling attention to the litter problem and focusing our efforts to get rid of it, others will be inspired to take further action in preserving the planet. The litter in our environment has been increasing due to concentrated populations in the area and due to the indifference of many about the presence of non-degradable materials collecting in streets, pathways and water systems.

Now, the environment demands our attention telling us that it is time to clean up.

Rae Markwell

Public Relations Committee chairman