ISS votes to support Fire Factor Academy

The Illinois Student Senate passed a resolution that will change the student code to include a renewal of student initiated fees.

Discussion between members of the senate and Vice Chancellor Renee Romano have led to a general agreement that the student initiated fees should automatically be up for renewal before the student body every few years.

“This is straightforward,” Jim Maskeri, student senator and junior in LAS, said. “We talked about these issues over and over again. These fees will go up on the referendum. It’s important that we pass this resolution to show that this body supports the idea that the Vice Chancellor’s office and the administration generally supports the idea that the students have the ability to voice their concerns on these fees.”

The senate also debated a co-sponsorship with the Fire Factor Academy. The resolution was sponsored by Nick Larson, student senator and junior in LAS, who thinks it is important for students to learn about the importance of fire safety.

The resolution passed and ISS will support the Fire Factor Academy, which will be a day-long fire safety and prevention experience geared towards University students to education them about fire safety and prevention through lectures, games and hands-on experience.