Watching television on the go with new technology

Cable and satellite providers know their customers are people on the go. With modern technology advances like mobile TV, DVRs, tablets and streaming television on the Internet at your convenience, TV companies know they need to stay up to date on the latest technology in order to stay relevant in such a competitive market.

Consumers have an insatiable need for entertainment on the go. To satisfy customers, television service providers are developing cutting-edge mobile apps and On Demand features. Many cable companies have Video-On-Demand service, DVR service, mobile and iPad apps, and even live television streaming. These apps and new technology allow consumers to stay connected to their television at all times from almost anywhere, which is exactly what consumer want.

DVR service has become increasingly popular, because it allows consumers to maintain their busy lifestyles without missing their favorite television shows. Consumers will be interested to know that DirecTV has an award winning HD DVR, as determined by the PC Mag’s 2011 Reader’s Choice survey. In this survey, DirecTV’s DVR took top honors above DVRs from other TV service providers, being noted as having great picture quality, awesome technical support, and best overall customer satisfaction.

If you are a fan of mobile technology, look for a cable company that offers a DVR scheduler app so you never have to worry about missing your favorite shows again. DirecTV’s mobile apps are available on both iPad and select mobile phones and allow customers to browse shows and set their DVR from almost anywhere.

Many cable companies are also catering to sports fans. Many have mobile and iPad apps that have specialized sports content like scores, news and even live streaming of games. A great example is the NFL Sunday Ticket app from DirecTV. With your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, you can catch your favorite teams on the go every Sunday. The games are streamed live directly to your smartphone or tablet. REDZONE Channel will give you real time scores and stats if you are out and unable to watch the games.

Also gaining in popularity are iPad apps with on-demand streaming. For all iPad fans, DirecTV offers an incredible iPad app. Users of the iPad app can browse channels, watch live television, control their TV, record on the DVR and create lists of favorite channels. The app currently offers 50 channels that you can watch live.

If all of this technology sounds enticing, check out DirecTV.. Not only does DirecTV lead in technology, but they have great pricing and packages that start at just $29.99. Customers have five great packages to choose from, and you can mix and match features, channels and technology to create the perfect entertainment mix for your needs. DirecTV’s current promotion allows new customer to lock in two years of savings with a 24-month agreement, so learn more at today.