Ignite Your Inner Alter Ego With Online Gaming

(NewsUSA) – In the world of online gaming and interactive avatars, self-expression is limitless, providing people a new way to express themselves and escape the mundane. Regular people can abandon their daytime personas to don mohawks and spiked leather jackets as punk rockers. Dog walkers can be rock stars. Busy professionals can check responsibilities at the door and discover life from a different perspective.

The chance to redefine yourself is the allure of social gaming sites like Sims, Zynga or IMVU — a three-dimensional platform that allows people to create an avatar, or a graphical representation of their alter ego, dress up, meet new people and play new games like “Walk Off.” With 80 million registered users, fans around the world say IMVU is leading the pack. The only question left is: What’s your avatar style?

Punk: You know that hot pink, pixie haircut you always wanted? Your avatar can rock it without hesitation. What about tattoos and piercings? Your avatar is a blank slate ready to represent any piece of your personality, no matter how large or small. If you’re holding back from buying the studded punk boots you always wanted, your avatar can boldly strut your stuff.

Goth: Both male and female Goths have plenty of room for creative expression on IMVU. From their hair, makeup, clothing and environment to the kinds of pets they own (dragons, spiders, snakes — oh my!), users can truly connect with their gothic roots. IMVU even allows users to design their own clothing or furniture to be sold in a virtual catalogue. Some users have profited so much from selling their virtual items that IMVU represents another source of income for them — occasionally even primary.

“Since joining IMVU, I have met tons of new friends and every day look forward to the fun it brings me,” said IMVU user Shayne Shiells of San Francisco, Calif. “I express myself through fashion, even designing some of my own clothes and accessories to sell on IMVU, and meet friends who have similar interests.”

Vintage: Vintage lovers probably listen to more vinyls than MP3s and prefer a drive-thru movie over an IMAX-3D blockbuster. Do you scour thrift stores and consignment shops to find the best vintage clothing? Meet fellow “thrifters” online, challenge them to games and discover a new universe of vintage-fabulous accessories and apparel. Imagine yourself in 40’s and 50’s flapper dresses, polka-dot pumps, Burlesque skirts and gangster pinstripes. Build your avatar at www.imvu.com/catalog/web_landing.php?p=PRNewsUSA.

Social gaming offers endless opportunities for people around the world to connect, make new friends and express themselves, no matter the style of their alter ego.