Drink–milk–to your good health.

(NAPSI)—Drink—milk—to your good health. A few facts can help you and your family enjoy the many great nutrients and health benefits that milk can offer while customizing your milk choice.

• Milk’s been a part of the American diet since the 1600s! The first dairy cow arrived on the East Coast in the Jamestown Colony around 1611 and priests brought cows to the West Coast via Baja, California, around 1679.

• Today, milk goes from cow to dairy aisle in just about two days, which means getting the freshest possible beverage is as easy as a trip to the grocery store.

• Milk helps build strong bones and scientists now say it also helps reduce blood pressure, boost immunity, ward against diabetes, protect against certain types of cancer and can even help you lose weight.

• One cup of milk costs about 25 cents and is loaded with vitamins and nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, protein and potassium.

• To get the same calcium in a glass of milk, you’d have to eat 12 servings of whole grains, 10 cups of raw spinach or 6 servings of beans (legumes), so raise a glass!

• Lactose-free milk is a great option for people who have lactose intolerance. They may also be able to tolerate foods cooked with milk or eat cheese and yogurt.

• Pediatricians recommend that kids drink whole or reduced-fat milk between the ages of 1 and 2. At this age, children need fat in their diets for nerve and brain development and milk is a good source, plus it’s one that most kids like.

• Most Americans fall below the three cups of milk a day recommended by the USDA—but there are many easy and enjoyable ways to serve milk: glasses with dinner, cream soups, lattes, pudding for dessert, even hot cocoa to start your day or wind down your night. For example, here’s one great way to enjoy milk:

Chocorazz Smoothie

1 medium banana, sliced and frozen

1 cup fat-free chocolate milk

½ cup raspberry low-fat yogurt

Place banana, chocolate milk and yogurt in blender. Cover and blend until smooth. Pour into 2 glasses. Serve immediately.

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You can get more facts, tips and recipes from Dairy Council of California, online at www.HealthyEating.org/milk-dairy and at (866) 572-1359.


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