A great start can lead to great things.

(NAPSI)—As U.S. athletes head to the 2012 London Olympic Games, here’s something to consider—while the journey to the podium is a long one, it’s not all about getting to the finish line. Every person has a start—the moment they realized their potential to aspire to great things. So as others are applauding the finish, Kellogg’s is celebrating the start by showcasing a series of moving “Start Story” videos that follow the beginnings of Team Kellogg’s—a team of U.S. Olympians, U.S. Olympic hopefuls and a Paralympian.

The eight athletes offer their own insights and tips for starting off right, because a great start can lead to great things:

Summer Sanders—Swimming Legend: Sanders is a big proponent of breakfast, never skipping the morning meal. She has instilled the importance of a proper morning meal in her two children.

Dwight Phillips—Track and Field: Phillips believes rest, recovery and nutrition are three important factors that all athletes should take seriously if they want to maximize their potential.

Rebecca Soni—Swimming: Soni eats a good breakfast every morning before practice to last through her workout. Throughout the day, she sticks to a healthy diet, making sure to incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into meals, which keep her energy levels up.

Casey Tibbs—Paralympic Track and Field: Nutrition is essential to Tibbs’ success. He believes breakfast is the most important meal and that as an athlete, you’ve got to have a good breakfast. He lives a very healthy lifestyle, drinks lots of water and watches his calories.

Michael Landers—Table Tennis: The long practice sessions and stamina needed in table tennis require Landers to eat as healthfully as possible. He eats fruit as well as protein before and after his workouts.

Jordyn Wieber—Gymnastics: Wieber never misses breakfast-since her workouts often start early in the morning, Wieber says it’s the most important meal of the day for her. It gives her the nutrition and energy she needs to have a successful workout every day.

Juan Agudelo—Men’s Soccer: Agudelo believes it is extremely important to eat healthfully in order to perform his best every day on and off the field. Destined to be a soccer player from a young age, Agudelo’s first word was “Goal.”

Kerri Walsh—Beach Volleyball: Walsh cites great nutrition as essential to her success on the court. Constantly on the go whether to practice, an international event or to the park with her kids, Walsh’s food habits reflect her lifestyle—she loves convenient, healthy foods she can pack in a bag and take on the road.

“Kellogg’s cereals have been at the start of my day since I was a kid, and now, breakfast is the most important meal of my day,” said the two-time defending Olympic gold medalist. “I am excited to be a part of the Kellogg’s ‘From Great Starts Come Great Things’ campaign and help others understand you can’t get to the glory of the finish line without a great start.”

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