Five ideas for adding fun to your corporate event

You know a flat corporate event when you see one: lots of uncomfortable conversation, people standing idle and anything that most people would consider fun is nowhere to be seen. That is why many companies have changed course in their approach to events for their employees, putting a priority on fun and engaging in activities that organically promote interaction and give participants something to talk about long after the event is over.

Ditching mundane get-togethers for fun team-building activities is catching on, and it is something that companies on any type of budget can accomplish. If you find your company’s corporate events lacking, here are a few ideas to liven up your next gathering:

* One easy way to liven up your event is to head to a venue that focuses on doing just that. One example is Lucky Strike, an entertainment-focused venue with state-of-the-art bowling lanes, billiards tables and multiple bar areas. As opposed to a stuffy banquet hall, these types of venues promote a relaxed atmosphere that leads to more activity and interaction.

* Tour a museum, ballpark or another interesting place in your city. A sure way to pique the interest of attendees at your event is to take them behind the scenes of their favorite institution. These types of venues often reserve private tours for corporate groups, giving you exclusive access.

* Pick a local organization and designate a day for a fun volunteer activity. Getting out of the office for the day is something everyone can get behind, especially for a good cause. Volunteering in a large group is particularly gratifying, because you can see real progress in one day, whether your helping to build a house or working on a farm dedicated to providing fresh produce to disadvantaged communities. Check with the United Way or local association of charitable organizations to see where you can help in your community.

* Organize some sort of competition like a softball game or a golf tournament. This is also a great opportunity to involve other companies with whom you regularly do business, with plenty of opportunity for no-pressure networking. Plan additional activities for those who might not want to play, or aren’t able to.

* Have a cooking contest or some other friendly competition that showcases the talents of employees. Rather than ordering food from the same place year after year, why not sponsor a chili cook-off with prizes for those who participate. Such events are fun for everyone, whether you’re doing the cooking or the tasting.

The purpose of corporate events is to show appreciation for employees, and promote networking and team-building. An event that’s fun for employees and gets everyone talking will ensure that the dollars spent organizing the event help accomplish these goals.