Make Contacts, Raise Capital at Investor Conferences

(NewsUSA) – While the economy struggles to find its way back to some semblance of middle ground between a bull market and a bear, industry conferences can provide a welcome boost for companies looking to raise capital.

To this end, Financial Services Exchange, Inc. (FSX) gives companies who need both exposure and funding a way to meet independent broker dealers, investment bankers, fund managers and more who can help a company thrive.

“Our quarterly conferences get people together in one place and provide opportunities for networking and one-on-one communication,” said Judy Ensweiler, FSX executive director.

“Instead of traveling around the country to meet with individual investors one at a time … presenting companies can spend several days with key decision makers from firms nationwide,” she added.

This arrangement, Ensweiler said, saves companies both time and money.

In this way, FSX connects companies with a nationwide network of financial investment professionals.

Indeed, analysts say these conferences are now a must to gain the contacts needed for financing and publicity.

“It is a way to have access to a lot of people who may be useful to your company, a way to connect for success,” said Ensweiler.

While it is difficult to say how fast the conference industry has grown from its 1980s roots (at that time, only large investment banks sponsored them), it would appear that FSX’s 29-year history is indicative of an increasingly growing market for small companies and potential investors.

To this point, fund managers say the most valuable information is not found during a company’s standard presentation, but rather in the break-out and one-on-one sessions that follow — welcome news to presenters and attendees whose main purpose is to expand visibility, broaden the company’s appeal and increase investor understanding.

Underscoring its success rate is that, to date, billions of dollars have been raised for presenting companies through FSX’s network.

In this way, FSX believes it is creating relationships, that companies and investors may “come in as strangers but leave as friends.”

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