Hogan’s former chief of staff resigns from University

Professor Lisa Troyer has resigned from her position at the University.

Former President Hogan’s former chief of staff resigned Tuesday from her faculty position, which was a nine-month appointment, from the Department of Psychology, effective August 15.

The University will pay Troyer a $175,000 severance as part of the agreement. Troyer, as a psychology professor, was to be paid $109,000 a year.

While she was Hogan’s chief of staff, Troyer earned $200,850, almost $100,000 more a year than she was earning at the University of Connecticut before she came to the University of Illinois with Hogan in 2010.

She resigned as the chief of staff in January, following an investigation about anonymous emails, which were sent from her computer regarding enrollment management. The emails encouraged the University Senates Conference to not come to a consensus. The investigation report did not conclude that she was responsible for any University violations.

Since the investigation, Troyer has continued to deny that she sent the emails.

Troyer signed her resignation agreement on June 19. The agreement was reached after mediation between her and the University. It was signed by University officials Tuesday.

Nicholas Burbules, a Senate Executive Committee member, said he is very happy with the result.

“I think this is the best outcome for both parties,” he said. “I don’t think there was a great appetite for spending another year investigating her activities.”

Her resignation agreement releases of her of any potential wrongdoing she may have committed while at the University.

The resignation shall not be “deemed or construed at any time for any purpose as an admission by either party of wrongdoing or evidence of any liability or unlawful conduct at any time,” her resignation agreement stated.

The announcement of Troyer’s resignation comes just two days after President Robert Easter took over his new role, replacing former President Michael Hogan, who resigned in March.

_Editor’s note: An earlier edition of this article reported that Troyer made her decision to resign Tuesday. Her decision was reached earlier and signed by the University Tuesday. The Daily Illini regrets this error._