Curtis Orchard offers a country feel even suburbanites will find enjoyable

We all can admit it: No matter how much Champaign tries to be “urban,” it will never fail to take us all back to our country roots. (Yes, even you suburban kids have country roots.) The C-U does, in fact, have a few places to remind you that you are in the middle of nowhere, despite its, at times, pathetic attempts to evoke hipster realness within the community. A personal favorite of mine is Curtis Orchard in southwest Champaign.

Generally a fall-time favorite, Curtis Orchard opens July 20 and offers a variety of fun country-time activities that are stuck here for the summer. Though it does open later in the summer, it proves to be a great source of entertainment for the last month of summer before all your friends come back to rage.

Ever fed a goat? Roll those sleeves up, boys and girls (no really, they will eat your clothes right off your arms), for it’s time to experience what it’s like to have a goat nibble some oats right off your bare hands. It is an experience that is inexplicable until you actually try it. Aside from goat feeding, the Orchard has a variety of animals that roam around the patch that are friendlier than your own next door neighbor. Don’t steal any of the cats. Though I know it may seem like they are telling you telepathically to take them home, they enjoy living at the orchard just as much as the next animal.

Let’s move on to the more important things in life: food. Your taste buds will be in heaven after you taste one of their homemade doughnuts, not to mention the fact that they make it in front of your face, as they laugh at your inability to hold a pile of drool back from falling from your mouth.

Being that it is an orchard, they have a seemingly endless supply of delicious apples picked fresh daily from their trees in back. What’s more, the apple cider that they make fresh daily is absolutely irresistible. Be sure to bring room in your car because you will want to stock up. Not to mention the fact that it makes a great chaser for any other activities that college students allegedly partake in, or so I’ve heard.

As Curtis Orchard will always prove to be a fall-favorite, it can be a great source of entertainment for not only townies, but the stranded suburban kids that are stuck in the C-U for the summer. Their homemade goodies and country-time activities will prove to take any urban kid back to their country roots and leave them craving more.

_Judd is a senior in Media._