Selling a house in today’s market can be a challenge.

(NAPSI)Selling a house in todays market can be a challenge. The solution may be to think outside the boxor, in this case, outside the structure.

In the past, a little paint and some minor renovations might have done the trick, but with so many homes for sale, homeowners are finding interesting new ways to boost curb appeal and buyer interest.

While steps such as cleaning up and investing in some landscapes can still deliver results, more homeowners are attracting buyer interest with a system of exterior insulation known as Outsulation.

Exterior insulation has been shown to lower energy bills and raise buyer interest. Susan Malone of Warwick, Rhode Island, used Outsulation by Dryvit to replace the drab clapboard on her home with a new stonelike exterior complete with architectural flourishes and decorative window accents. The makeover raised her appraisal value and attracted new buyers.

The transformation of my home has been nothing short of amazing-both from the standpoint of how much more beautiful it is and the effect the renovation had on increasing the value of my home. I have been able to save so much money on my energy bills, said Malone. She used Outsulation by Dryvit, which lets you create an entirely new image. It can be adhesively or mechanically fastened over a building code?approved water-resistive barrier to plywood or OSB substrate.

The system offers the look of any traditional finish, including brick, limestone, stucco and stone, plus three-dimensional details like arches, window borders, decorative columns and dramatic doorways.

Besides improving the way it looks, such exterior insulation makes a home more energy efficient. It reduced air leakage in Malones home by 19 percentthe equivalent of closing up a hole in the wall that would be the size of a soccer ball, or of leaving your front door open for 25 minutes every day.

The Outsulation system reduced Malones energy bills by 35 percent and helped dampen noise.

My dogs used to wake me up barking at just about any noise they would hear, including the airplanes constantly coming and going over the house, said Malone, who lives in a fly zone. But since the renovation, the dogs dont hear all the sounds they used to, so we are all getting a lot more sleep.

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