Comedian Tosh sells cheap jokes for high price

Daniel Tosh, famed stand-up comedian and host of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, caused a stir during a recent performance when a fan protested the nature of a string of jokes Tosh had made about rape.

The fan protested when Tosh jokingly insisted rape jokes were always funny. Tosh replied to the protest by saying it would be funny if said audience member was raped right then.

In the world of comedy, the proverbial line hasn’t been crossed — it has gone missing.

Tosh’s show has been wildly popular among younger teenagers and carries a fairly large college-aged fan base as well. It has also become notorious for its racist and sexist quips. Tosh’s fame escalated because of this show and these crude and typically tasteless “jokes.”

Assuming the best in Tosh, that he does not support sexual assault, leads us to surmise that he sold out on a legitimately skyrocketing comedy career to make rape jokes to 13 year olds.

With his target audience at such an impressionable age, and possessing such an influential platform, Tosh has tragically misused his influence, granted to him in his weekly half-hour block.

Though his audience may have given him the idea that rape jokes are “never not funny,” a comedian of his stature and experience should know better.

Tosh issued a pseudo-apology on his Twitter account, linking to the fan-written blog that relayed the incident. In offering a half-hearted apology, Tosh completely misses the point. He can either apologize and try to tiptoe the line more deftly next time, or he can stop directing offensive remarks at his audience that he doesn’t believe, hoping they keep their wits.

His younger fans would lose a bad influence, his older fans could relax and not worry about being lambasted for traumatic events beyond their control, and perhaps he, hopefully, could help save his conscience from purporting jokes that are anything but funny.