Tips for aspiring Greek Illini

The sound of fingers snapping, girls scream-singing and beer cans opening fill the air again. Fall sorority recruitment and fraternity rush is just around the corner.

Sororities have practiced endless hours to prepare for the day potential new members will file into their houses. It’s an organized process that’s planned down to the type of napkins they use.

Rush, on the other hand, is a more laid-back experience. Boys have different events to meet students, or rushes, wanting to join fraternities in a more casual environment. Rushes can choose what events they will attend and who they want to talk to.

Recruitment and rush planners provide tips for those who don’t know what to expect from the process. Many houses have different opinions, but here’s a general consensus on what to wear and talk about and how to act.

h2. Recruitment tips

*What to wear:*

Looking your best and appearing polished shows the chapters that you are interested. “(At) the website, under the recruitment tab and then under the formal recruitment tab, there is a link to the PNM (potential new member) booklet from last year,” said Norah Cetin, Panhellenic Council vice president of recruitment and senior in AHS. “If they flip through it, there is examples of clothes to wear.”

*How to prepare for recruitment:*

“There isn’t much to be done to prepare. Potential new members should just be themselves and have an open mind on all the chapters that are on campus,” said Courtney Feightner, junior in Education and a Gamma Chi, a sorority member who leads a group through the stages of Recruitment. “Other than that, everything is pretty straightforward, and the Gamma Chis explain everything pretty well.”

*Subjects to talk about:*

The best conversations are items that you are passionate about, whether it is running, hamsters or underwater basket weaving. “Be open and honest about being yourself. If the house is the right fit for you, the conversation will flow easily,” Feightner said. “You can talk about what you did over the summer, what you did in high school and likes or dislikes.”

*Things not to do:*

Being disrespectful and rude may result in not getting called back to a house. Do not trash talk your Gamma Chis, girls in your rush group or other chapters. It will only make the girls rushing you wonder if you are going to degrade them and their chapter after your conversation.

*How a PNM can stand out:*

Just being yourself will make you stand out because “there is no one alive that is Youer than You,” as Dr. Seuss would say. Showing interest and asking questions about the sorority show that you care and want to learn more.

*Be relaxed:*

“The best advice that I could give to a PNM is to be calm and not nervous,” Cetin said. Sorority girls are looking for confident PNMs who can be relaxed enough to hold a good conversation. Pretend you are talking to a friend and you will be more at ease.

*The Ultimate tip:*

“Be yourself! If you do that, you will end up in the chapter you are supposed to be in and everything will be great and worth it,” Feightner said.

h2. Rush Tips

*What to talk about:*

Joe Germanos, Sigma Phi Epsilon rush chair and junior in Business, said: “You want to hear what the kid did in high school to see what they were involved in. This helps gauge if he would fit into our house.”

*What clothes you should wear:*

Scott Danes, Acacia rush chair and sophomore in LAS, said: “Formal wear is not really important during rush. Wearing what you want to wear shows the guys who you are.”

*How much time to spend at the house:*

“We never try to force anyone or pressure them to come by the house. But if you are interested in a house, you should use as much opportunity as you can to go to the house,” Danes said.

*Go to different fraternities:*

“Rush around. Do not just go to one house that someone wants you to go to. Find what fits you the best,” Danes said.

*Be yourself:*

Do not do something you usually wouldn’t do just to receive some attention. Be true to who you are so that when you do find the house you love, they will pick you for you. It will be a much better fit that way.

*Be confident:*

“Be who you are and act like you would if you were with your friends at home,” Germanos said. “Poke fun a little bit. I don’t want a kid to be intimidated by all of us. I’d rather have someone who is outgoing.”

_Haley is a sophomore in Media._