Push your limits, explore the unknown to get the most out of your college experience

Completing a college bucket list can build a path toward a future with no regrets. The list should not be taken as a chore but as an enjoyable experience.

If bucket-listers are plainly lazy or hesitant to step into unknown territories, they might need a slight push from friends to get out there and have fun. Although some items may be seemingly negative parts of college, they contribute to the entirety of the college journey.

To avoid brooding over regrets because of an incomplete college bucket list, you should:

1. Let your fears subside and take a completely unnecessary class. If you have time and room in your schedule to spare, take a class outside your major.

2. Wear your spirit wear as much as you can. Go to countless sporting events and flaunt all the orange and blue you own. Go to the sporting events just to cheer for the University’s incredible teams, even if you are not a big sports person. Just go to the games for support and feel the electricity in the air.

3. Make international friends and Skype with their friends back home. There is a joy in the freedom you get when you only know limited phrases and some words in a foreign language. You can thereby amuse people.

4. Explore new restaurants and don’t be afraid of trying new dishes. Always remember that every dish has the potential to become a new favorite.

5. Work out in and explore every room at the ARC. While you’re at it, visit as many buildings on campus as you can and find their “chill spots.” You might find a new hangout spot. The University definitely does not cease to amaze.

6. Enter the wrong classroom and sit through some of the lecture until you notice it is the wrong one. Embarrassment in life only gives you something to laugh about in the future.

7. Rush to finish a barely started assignment the night before submission. The adrenaline rush gives you more satisfaction than the one you get on a roller coaster sometimes!

8. Get lost on campus. The best way to explore your whereabouts is by getting lost and then finding your own way out.

9. Join a fitness class at the ARC and promise yourself that you will not miss any of them. Or just fib yourself into thinking that you have the innate ability to avoid gaining weight without going to the gym and by eating all you want.

10. Try going vegetarian, even for a second.

11. Attend a protest.

12. Take a religious studies class to open your mind.

13. Wear everything green for Unofficial and try to understand the logic behind the craze.

14. Especially for the girls: Go through a night at the bar and have someone buy you a drink. Guys: Find a girl to buy a drink for!

15. Overestimate your abilities to go from one class to another in

10 minutes because the distance between the two buildings seemed smaller on the campus map.

16. Leave someone an incredibly secretive note.

17. Wear and regret wearing heels.

18. Repeat your mistakes thinking that they will not be as bad the second time around.

19. Eat too much.

20. Consider changing your major numerous times during your years in college.

21. You will also not have the entire college experience if your bucket list does not include graduating. Regardless of how long it takes, just be patient for graduation.

_Tanya is sophomore in LAS._