Bring a dog, bake and dress well: 5 tips for veterans of Quad Day

This Sunday is my last and final Quad Day. While I typically complain about fighting the masses on my last day of summer to help man the Illini Women’s Soccer Club booth, this year I can’t complain about the crowds and chaos and all the hoopla.

Senior year nostalgia is already setting in, and the semester hasn’t even technically begun.

Instead of seeing Quad Day as the hot, sticky afternoon filled with eager-beaver freshmen jostling each other for a spot on the sidewalk that it is, I now see it as an opportunity for freshmen to find their fit and/or friends for the next four years.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, that’s what I found three years ago with IWSC (can’t help but soak in the sentimentality) and what I wish for all freshies to find this year.

Rather than give advice to the incoming class who will be wandering around the Main Quad this Sunday a little lost and overwhelmed, here’s some quick tips for fellow veterans as how to welcome those fresh faces and encourage them to pencil in their email addresses at your booth.

*1. Know the difference between friendly and forceful.*

Smiling goes a long way. Chanting, on the other hand, not so much. If you look like you’re having a good time, the new kids are going to be interested all on their own without the pomp and circumstance. Be helpful, clever, but avoid pressuring and presuming too much. This is show and tell, not drill.

*2. Dress to impress.*

Cool club T-shirts win early big points with freshmen who can’t wait to show the world they’re part of something. Especially once all the Greek brouhaha begins, freshmen not Rushing will want to spring for some new apparel to speak for their social life.

*3. Say it, don’t spray it.*


*4. Bring a dog. Everybody loves dogs.*

My sophomore year, a senior on my team brought her dog, Gunner, with her to Quad Day. To put it simply, Gunner was gold. Nobody could resist that guy (I still miss him) and his presence was more than welcoming. A great way to break the ice and instantly bond. Dog lovers unite!

*5. Bring food. Everybody loves food.*

People connect over cupcakes. I’m almost sure this would be scientifically proven, if someone were ever to test it. And if they’re for free? There are very few things on this earth more alluring than free baked goods. Take advantage of this.

_Emily is a senior in LAS._