I-Guides ease move-in as thousands of new students make dorms their home

Wearing bright orange shirts, Illinois students helped freshmen and their parents move in to University residence halls on Thursday, at one point chanting the I-L-L-I-N-I cheer.

These student volunteers, or I-Guides, helped to pack the students’ belongings into carts and roll them into the dorms.

“It’s this huge machine that is moving in tens of thousands of students,” said Kurt Hansen, I-Guide hall coordinator and junior in ACES. “We get ready all year for these past two weeks.”

As hall coordinator, his duties included making sure there were enough I-Guides present at each dormitory and supervising the operation. Hansen and the I-Guides he supervised were keeping busy but also having a good time moving in the freshmen.

Asia Borjas, sophomore in LAS, said she enjoyed assisting the freshmen in move-in because she liked to “tell them about (her) experiences.”

I-Guides, she said, are often the first people at the University to make impressions on new students.

Krishan Thakkar, junior in Business, also volunteered. Thakkar said that despite the credit he earned from his fraternity for volunteer hours, he worked as an I-Guide because he enjoyed helping other students.

“I just do this for the fun,” he said.

Hansen said they sometimes run into problems, but having committed I-Guides helps the team get through challenges.

“There’s always things that don’t go right,” said Hansen. “But we have fantastic I-Guides.”

Nathan Burklund, freshman in LAS, said he found move-in to be a smooth process, especially with the help of I-Guides.

“(Moving in) was actually a lot easier than I expected,” Burklund said.