Heavy rain possible for C-U area over Labor Day weekend

After a dry summer, some long overdue rain may be hitting Champaign this Labor Day weekend.

According to the National Weather Advisory, there is a 70% chance of precipitation tonight, and a 90% chance of precipitation all day Saturday.

Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel said that there is potential for Champaign-Urbana to get 3 to 5 inches of rain, or more.

He also explained that even though the rain may be seemingly good for crops, it’s not going to all sink in, which will create runoff.

“No doubt it won’t undo the damage it’s done to the crops…it’s not really going to help them much,” Angel said.

He describes these storms as “notoriously fickle” and “not easy to predict”, which is surprising to him because the recent weather forecast been consistent.

Most students aren’t expected to be affected by the flood, though.

“The students that worry the most are the one that have basement apartments or lower-level apartments,” Angel said.