Two campus bar checks result in 56 citations

Illinois State Police conducted an Operation Campus/Tap procedure while assisted by the Champaign Police Department late Sunday, August 26 and early morning Monday, August 27. Another bar check was carried out late Friday night and early Saturday morning.

The program, which focuses on deterring and reducing underage alcohol consumption, led to 31 citations on August 26 and 27 and 25 citations were issued Friday and Saturday.

Citations are given by Operation Campus/Tap for Possession/Purchase of alcohol by a minor 18-20 years old, Presence of Minor in Liquor Establishment, Unlawful Use of ID and other laws related to minors and alcohol. Those found in underage possession of either alcohol or illegal identification can be subject to a driver’s license suspension for a year, or longer in some cases.

During bar checks from both August 26-27 and Friday night through Saturday morning, the largest number of citations was issued Kam’s with a total of 18 citations from both nights, 12 citations were issued at Red Lion, eight citations at It’s Brothers, five at Clyborne’s, four citations at Murphy’s Pub, two citations at each White Horse Inn and Din Liquor and one citation was given at Firehaus. An additional four citations were issued during a sweep of nearby streets.