Gabriel Iglesias ready to fluff up Assembly Hall

If you search the word “fluffy” on Google, the first thing that pops up isn’t a picture of a furry animal, but instead appears a link to a website about stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias. Better known by his fans as the “Fluffy Guy,” Iglesias is best known for his story-telling comedy shows and his larger than life stature.

The Daily Illini got the chance to talk to Iglesias before he travels to Champaign to perform his comedy show at Assembly Hall on Saturday.

Daily Illini: When was the first time you’ve considered yourself famous?

Gabriel Iglesias: I’ve definitely never said that because I think you curse yourself. I think that once you achieve a certain level, that’s as far as you’re gonna get. I’ll never say that ‘I’ve finally made it.’ Once you say you’ve made it, the only way left to go is down.

DI: Your fans sure love sending you cakes, do you ever get nervous that somebody’s going to try to poison you with their cake?

GI: No, I would think that if somebody’s going to take me out, they’d do it a little bit better. I get a lot of cakes, (though). Yesterday, there was a whole table full of cakes. On a weekly basis I probably get about 30. (But) there’s no way we can take it with us so sometimes the staff gets rid of stuff. Sometimes I take pictures with the cakes.

DI: Is it true that you’re trying to copyright the word “fluffy”?

GI: As far as a copyright, I own the company called Fluffy Inc. and everything’s already in the works. Basically if you Google Fluffy, I’m already (the first link).

DI: Can you tell us about your new show, “Stand-Up Revolution”?

GI: Stand-up Revolution: It’s a show on Comedy Central, I’m the host, and I bring up three comics on each show. Basically it’s up-and-coming comedians that I hand pick for the show. It’s a half hour long program.

DI: Tell us about your comedy style.

GI: Storytelling with a lot of punches in between. I guess I tell stories about myself, about my friends, about my family, pretty much the whole story is a bunch of stories. It’s fun, over-exaggerated storytelling.

DI: What’s your favorite joke to tell during a show?

GI: Whatever’s the newest story is probably the favorite. I can’t wait to tell it, because it’s fresh.

DI: Do your fans have a favorite joke?

GI: They like to hear the classics, everything from the first special. It’s almost like a rock band, “Oh, we like the first album.”

DI: What are your views on politics?

GI: I stay away from politics 100 percent. I avoid it. Because no matter what you say, somebody’s gonna disagree with you and I’d rather keep everybody happy by not talking about it. I stay away from politics, religion and sports and not in that order. You’d be surprised what people consider most important.

DI: Is there anything that you wish your fans don’t know about you or wish that they knew?

GI: Believe it or not, I am a regular person. People freak out when I go places, (they say), ‘What’re you doing here?’ and it’s like, ‘Uhh I like eating too. I like movies too. I like bowling too.’ One thing I started doing that people might not know about, is I started doing yoga. That’s pretty random. It’s pretty out there.

DI: Are there any local areas in Champaign you’re planning to visit when you’re here?

GI: I’ve never been to Champaign so I couldn’t tell you (but) something tells me we’re going to be hanging out there for a little while.

DI: Is there anything special the audience can expect during the show? Anything different you’re planning on doing?

GI: I’m bringing a full stage production. It’s going to look like a special. We have a semi-truck and it’s just full of stuff and I tell people that our stage show looks like World Wrestling Network meets the Food Network. Except a lot of video screens and lights and it’s gonna look really cool – it’s not just a curtain out of my closet. And four other comedians (will be) on the show with me.

DI: Can you tell us who they’re going to be?

GI: That’ll be a surprise. One of them for sure is Martin Moreno; (however), the others will be a surprise.

Iglesias will perform Saturday night at 8 p.m. at Assembly Hall. Tickets are still available for $25 with a student ID.

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