Point-Counterpoint: Ease up on Cutler, reaction result of Webb not doing his job

Jay Cutler is our quarterback, and he will not be apologizing for his sideline incident.

To refresh everyone’s memory, early in the second quarter of last Thursday’s loss to the Packers, Cutler was walking off the field and caught by cameras yelling at his left tackle, J’Marcus Webb. He then proceeded to bump him.

That moment has set off a firestorm of criticism at Cutler, with many saying he was out of line and should apologize. Even cornerback D.J. Moore called Cutler’s actions wrong.

Really? Cutler was calling out his teammate to tell him to play better because Packers linebacker Clay Matthews was absolutely manhandling Webb. Matthews recorded 3.5 sacks and was constantly beating Webb. Extra blocking did not neutralize Matthews all that well, either.

In all, the Packers recorded seven sacks on Cutler, four interceptions and countless quarterback knockdowns and hurries.

Did I miss the part where Cutler should be OK with the constant abuse he’s taken since he arrived in Chicago in 2009?

In the last 27 games Webb and Cutler have played together, Cutler has been sacked an astounding 84 times.

If anything, Webb should apologize to Cutler for playing like crap.

Everyone was so quick to jump on Cutler’s character, just like in the NFC championship in 2011. But aren’t leaders supposed to demand better play? Obviously, the locker room thinks he is a leader because teammates voted him a captain.

There are the fiery leaders, and there are quiet ones. I prefer the quarterback to be a mix of both, which Cutler is.

Looking back at his time in Chicago, when has Cutler ever been as animated to a teammate? Dropping an F-bomb on old offensive coordinator Mike Martz doesn’t count.

For a guy who has taken as much abuse as he has, I’m surprised there haven’t been more outbursts.

Yelling at a teammate is nothing new in this sport. It’s football. Brian Urlacher yells at his guys to play better, too.

Cutler wants to win.

Badly. He knows this team has the pieces to make some serious noise if it can play to its highest level. Webb was not doing that, and it has been a problem for him.

This can be one of the moments the team looks back on and says it united teammates. Webb and the other linemen know they need to step up their play. A good line play will open the holes for Matt Forte and give Cutler the time he needs to find Brandon Marshall.

Bears fans, we’ve waited too long for a good quarterback. We finally have one, and the moment he yells at a teammate, everyone wants to run him out of town.

If I remember correctly, there was a fiery coach who yelled profusely at players for the same reason.

Leaders unite teams. If this team becomes united and succeeds because of this incident, well then Cutler did his job.

_Erik is a junior in Media. He can be reached at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @e_prada._