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Never before has education been so crucial

By The Daily Illini Editorial Board

To receive the education we want, we need money to combat the rising tuition costs this University faces. There is no getting around that. We need resources, whether they come from good teachers, technology or quality learning environments, higher education can always improve.

The issue that Americans can’t remain competitive with other countries in academia has burst into discussion frequently in recent years. But if we want to stay competitive, we need more students attending college, meaning tuition must be lowered and federal aid needs to be maintained. Without either, the cost of higher education may become insurmountable for many students and their families to afford an education at Illinois’ state schools, especially the University.

Whoever will represent our districts post-Nov. 6 needs to keep their collective eye trained on this University.

To remain competitive and prepare graduates for the life that accompanies a college diploma, we need the money to afford rising costs. The University is a prestigious public institution, and it is time we dedicate more of the state’s funds so we, as students, can leave this university with more knowledge and experiences than we came in with, ready to lead the next generation.

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