As seen on TV: The Hawaii Chair

Finally, there is a way to sit and relax in your home or office and get a workout at the same time. The Hawaii Chair is here to transport you to a tropical atmosphere as you work your abs.

The Hawaii Chair, which came into popularity in 2007, is a desk chair with a swiveling bottom section — essentially forcing you to hula dance as you sit. You can even adjust the speed of the hula, giving you a more intense or more relaxing experience.

If you buy the Hawaii Chair, you’ll supposedly get a powerful yet calming body workout, and you don’t even have to go to the gym. But it doesn’t look like it’s that simple; this chair has skepticism written all over it.

Even in the infomercial itself, the announcers do a poor job of convincing the audience of the chair’s practicality. They test it out in a “real office” and even get the “honest” opinions of the people who work there.

The workers in the commercial marvel at its usefulness and user-friendliness, insisting it’s great for multitasking. If you look closely, though, you can read the regret in the actors’ faces: they are saying, “I wish I had made something more of my life instead of ending up in a Hawaii Chair commercial.”

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    The chair was even featured on “Ellen,” so you know that it’s important. She tested out the chair that claims to “take the work out of your workday,” and she even shared the experience with a member of the audience. The Hawaii Chair, as Ellen demonstrates, can indeed be used to multitask. What the commercial never mentions is that it is extremely difficult to do so, as is shown especially while attempting to pour water in a mid-hula motion.

    Other brave individuals have attempted to use the Hawaii Chair and posted their experiences online. Two notable examples are BBC radio host Scott Mills  and Olivia Munn on “Attack of the Show.” You will likely get more of a workout while laughing at videos of people using the chair than actually using the chair.

    This product boasts a much lower price than your typical massage chair. Instead of paying $5,000, you can buy this rotating Hawaiian workout chair for as low as $209, as the website illustrates. Plus, there are four different types of Hawaii Chairs available: Standard, European, Special and Standard Bench. With such a variety to choose from, there is a Hawaii Chair for everyone!

    The company that makes the chair, Perfect USA, has a long line of other massage/fitness-related products. If you love the Hawaii Chair, you will undoubtedly enjoy, for example, the eye massager, the tapping belt or the body shaper. Perfect USA has its headquarters in the US, but it is advertised as a global company, with design groups around the world. Does that make the creation of the Hawaii Chair a global phenomenon?

    In short, the verdict on the Hawaii Chair is not positive. Really, I think the most use this chair will get will be when it’s turned off. If you feel like you need a good workout but you don’t want to leave your seat, you might as well rent a few Mel Brooks films and just laugh the pounds off.