Lightening the load of your backpack

As students, we obviously need to bring study materials to class, but do we always need to bring everything? The answer: it depends. 

If you are more comfortable taking notes with a computer, then of course you need your computer. But if you’d rather go for a classic note-taking method using regular notebooks, then your laptop is not necessary for class.

The key to a lightweight backpack is to look at your schedule. 

It may seem obvious to everyone, but how many people actually do it? Put only what you need for the day in your bag, and life will be easier. Chances are, you have the same classes on alternate days, so you might only have to bring half the stuff to class in a single day.

Maybe instead of using a five-subject notebook, use five single-subject notebooks and only bring the ones needed to class. However, your risk of forgetting things will increase. 

The next tip addresses something we should try our best to avoid: bringing all of your textbooks to class.

Some of you may think, “We need textbooks for class!” But sometimes, you don’t. Honestly, in the past two years of my college life, there was only one discussion section that I actually needed to bring my textbook to (I later took pictures of the section I needed instead of bringing the entire book). Most professors provide separate lecture notes, otherwise you just have to take your own notes. Unless you are specifically told to bring textbooks to class, just don’t.

Half of the weight in my backpack is from my laptop. I try to bring my laptop to class because it is faster to take notes with, and it can be entertaining in between classes. Many of my classmates also use iPads or tablets as lightweight alternatives to laptops. I think that if you have the money, it is a worthwhile investment. Tablets are easier to carry and take less time to set up. However, I think a laptop alone is sufficient for classroom use.

Many people don’t care much about what they put in their backpack, but I think it feels a lot better not having to carry around something big and bulky all the time. It’s easier to move around and, moreover, doesn’t cause embarrassment when you try to access one of those spaces in the middle of the lecture hall.

Besides, who wants to carry heavy stuff anyway?

Earn is a junior in Media. She can be reached at [email protected]