Moodle, Compass manage class readings, quizzes, homework assignments

Academics at the University are never without online components. Compass is one online platform that all students use throughout their college years.

Compass 2g is an online platform that’s powered through Blackboard Learn. It helps to bring additional educational content to classes online.

Like Moodle, Compass holds a number of avenues from online homework assignments, quizzes, readings, grades and many other resources.

All colleges at the University utilize Compass, so it’s not hard to be in at least one class where you’ll find yourself trying to navigate the ins and outs of it.

When you log in, you’ll find a page quite similar to Moodle. All the classes that use Compass for supplemental readings and homework will have their own tabs to click on. There will be one box for announcements that usually includes dates when assignments are due or exam dates.

Classes also vary in terms of what they will include on Compass. Some classes might only use it for readings while others will operate almost entirely through Compass.

The unique thing about Compass is that there’s the option to personalize your page with an avatar image and update personal information about yourself. The tab to do that can be found under the tools box in “Personal Information.” Some professors like to have you personalize your page so it’s worth noting.

Again, this is one website along with your Facebook page that should be bookmarked. Most students have at least two if not more classes that use Compass, and it’s important to keep up with it especially if there’s online homework.

Online homework is definitely the way to earn easy points in a class. and you don’t want to miss out by simply forgetting about Compass.

If there’s any confusion, the professor or teaching assistant are the best resources for extra help.

During freshman year at the University, many new students are introduced to an array of sites and ways to complete homework and more. Moodle is one of those sites that’ll be important in some classes students take. 

Moodle is a course management system that a number of classes use to host the online portions. 

Only classes based in LAS and Education use this platform to support supplemental readings, homework assignments, quizzes and more. 

Being that most first-year students will probably be new to using Moodle, it’s important to know how it works especially because some classes use Moodle a lot. Students will probably be less likely to lose easy points if they know how to navigate Moodle.

Once you access the link, you’ll use your NetID and password to log in. 

After you log in, you’ll reach a homepage with all the classes that you’re registered for that use Moodle. Each class has its own tab you click on to get its content. 

From there, you get a page with the class’s specific content. Each professor has the page set up differently. Some will have links to articles you have to read for that week. Therefore, each class varies. 

It’s also important to look at the side tabs because a lot of professors will post important information about the class for that week: due dates for assignments, exam dates, the where and when for supplemental trips the class might require, etc. 

Staying up to date with your classes on Moodle could be the difference between an “A” or a “C.” Sometimes the most points are lost in classes because students forget to do the online assignments, which are a pretty decent chunk of the grade.  

Also, make sure to bookmark the link — it’s an annoying URL to type.

Krizia is a senior in LAS. She can be reached at [email protected]