Dish of the Week: Stuffed Green Peppers

Anniversaries, first dates, birthdays — special occasions can be more than difficult for college students. It’s hard to plan a celebration all while balancing classes, clubs and homework, not to mention trying to put the money together for the event. Many students don’t have a job or an endless supply of money saved up. Eating while on campus can be difficult at times, and for a first date, ramen noodles, cereal or soup doesn’t provide the best first impression.

While grabbing dinner on Green Street can be enjoyable, it can also be pretty expensive. So what’s the best alternative? For many, visiting the dining hall would be the best option; however, for a special occasion, making the right dish can make a lasting impact.

Living in apartments, many students are left on their own to scavenge for food, delivery and recipes that fit within their budget. Recipes are the most interesting of the three because although they may be the most difficult, they can be the most rewarding as well as inexpensive.

Stuffed green peppers can be one of the cheapest and most filling recipes for any college student, whether it’s a special occasion or just a regular Tuesday dinner.

To keep your taste buds satisfied, check out the recipe below:


Hot or mild mixture of Italian sausage

Italian blend cheese

Vodka sauce

Green peppers

French bread, if desired

Seasonings, if desired

1. Begin to cook your Italian sausage in a frying pan. Smash the sausage into as many small pieces as possible using a wooden spoon.

2. Continue smashing and stirring around the sausage until cooked the entire way through.

3. Once the sausage is done cooking, pour the vodka sauce (as much as you desire) and Italian blend cheese (as much as you desire) into a large bowl followed by the Italian sausage and any other seasonings, such as crushed red pepper. Stir them all together.

4. Begin to cut the green pepper. Cut out the top and clean out the insides, attempting to make the most room for the filling.

5. Fill the green pepper with the sausage, sauce and cheese mixture, and place in oven on a baking sheet.

6. Set oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and place the pepper(s) in oven on center rack.

7. Wait 45 to 60 minutes, then remove peppers from oven and enjoy!

There are countless methods for manipulating this recipe, whether it is by replacing the vodka sauce with marinara sauce, placing any type of seasonings in the mixture, or replacing greens peppers with any other pepper; however, green peppers are the cheapest on the market as of now. Another benefit of this recipe is that each pepper, as well as any remaining mixture, can be frozen to save for lunch the following day. Any leftover mixture is also great for dipping bread in.

Declan is a sophomore in LAS. He can be reached [email protected]