University 41st on national university ranking report

The University was ranked in a six-way tie for 41st place in U.S. News & World Report’s National University ranking for 2014, which was released Tuesday.

The University shares 41st place with Boston University, Lehigh University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of California-Santa Barbara and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Last year the University was ranked in a five-way tie for 46th place, along with Pennsylvania State University, the University of Texas, the University of Washington and Yeshiva University. 

In the top public schools category, the University rose from a four-way tie for 13th place last year, to a three-way tie in 11th place with University of California-Santa Barbara and University of Wisconsin-Madison this year.

“It’s lovely when U.S. News recognizes our excellence, but we have a set of measures by which we determine our success,” said campus spokeswoman Robin Kaler. “Some of those mesh with U.S. News, and many of them don’t.”

She added that while officials cannot completely measure how the University is doing, “the impacts that the University and alumni have on the world by their discoveries (is) how we know we’re doing well.”

U.S. News & World Report ranks eligible schools on up to 16 different factors including tuition, graduation rates and class size. Each category is weighted for importance.

The top three schools on the National University ranking list are Princeton University in first place, followed by Harvard University in second place and Yale University in third place.