Blurring the line between business and exploitation

Did you know that if you have breasts and are willing to show them, you’re in for a free pizza at Drew’s Pizza? Did you hear about the jar on the front counter of Drew’s Pizza on Green Street that reads, “I could use a tip or a nip slip?” Did you hear that Drew’s Pizza tries to create exploitative situations for intoxicated college-aged women without expecting any repercussions? Are you familiar with the Drew’s Pizza late-night special for “ladies only”? Did you see when Drew’s Pizza hashtagged #showusyourtits on its public Twitter account?

Yeah. Well, that happened. All of it.

Are you going to blame women for voluntarily choosing to expose themselves? Or are you going to blame the business that explicitly advertised a gross exploitative business model?

Ladies, you can make your own decisions. But let them be made voluntarily and consciously, and not in a situation that seeks to undermine your consent. Especially when the situation is in the heart of Campustown, open until midnight and operates without principle.