Life In Color party, concert postponed

Life In Color, a paint party and electronic dance music concert previously known as Dayglow, has been postponed from its original Champaign tour date of this Friday.

The venue, Fluid Events Center in Champaign, posted on its Twitter account Monday that details about rescheduling and refunds would be released Wednesday, but at press time, no futher updates were posted. Its Twitter account quoted the postponement announcement from Life In Color’s Facebook page, which also said information would be finalized by Wednesday. However, tickets are still on sale for the original location and date of Sept. 20 at 8 p.m.

Zach Samson, Life In Color’s national events director, said more information about the date, artists and venue will be released Thursday before noon.

“The reason for the postponement is because the venue is not complete” and because the building has no certificate of occupancy, Samson said. He declined to comment further.

Sebastian Kosela, junior in Engineering, bought a ticket to Life In Color before the postponement was announced. He said that although Life In Color’s main Champaign Facebook page includes an announcement about the postponement, the event has multiple event pages, making it difficult for the message to reach ticketholders.

“I’m kind of surprised this is the first I’m hearing of this,” Kosela said. “It would have been fun to blow off some steam after a lot of exams and stuff this week.”

Kosela said neither he nor his roommates, who were planning to attend the paint party with him, were aware of the postponement.

“Even if it may not be official, it would have been nice just to clearly inform people,” Kosela said.

This year, the event is part of the Life In Color’s “Rebirth” tour.

Samson said the event’s symbol of the butterfly and the theme of “rebirth” embodies the show’s new and improved experience compared with years past.

The use of a new venue, the Fluid Events Center, was part of that new experience — until delayed construction and permit issues led to a postponement that is reminiscent of the difficulties surrounding the event two years ago.

When the event came to the University as Dayglow in 2011, which Samson helped organize, the city of Urbana denied the permit for the bar 88 Broadway in Lincoln Square Mall, which forced organizers to move the event to Danville and reschedule for a later date.

Dayglow offered the option of free transportation or a refund after the event was relocated in 2011.

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