Ex-director of bands charged with illegal instrument selling

Robert Rumbelow, former University director of bands, was charged with two counts of theft control intent that may result in a three-to-seven year sentence, per count, in an Illinois correctional facility.

In court Tuesday, Rumbelow was granted permission to return to his home state of Texas before the trial but was denied permission to leave the country.

Rumbelow resigned Aug. 22 following a University of Illinois Police Department investigation that concluded that he sold more than $50,000 worth of University instruments and deposited the money in his personal bank accounts.

According to a press release from University police, Rumbelow admitted to selling the University’s instruments and said he intended to return the money to the band department. Rumbelow paid the University $86,000 amid his resignation.

Inventory lists prepared by Rumbelow in the University’s program to trade in old instruments for credit toward new ones were found to have inconsistencies, according to the release. The investigation concluded that 76 instruments, many of which were sold by Rumbelow on eBay and through other contacts, were missing from these lists.

Rumbelow and his attorney declined comment. He is scheduled to appear in court for a pretrial hearing Nov. 12.

Lauren Rohr and Hannah Prokop contributed to this report.

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