Not much comparison between two squads

Bill Cubit vs. Miami (Ohio) defense

Illinois’ defense has allowed an atrocious 1,478 yards through three games this year, but Miami’s even worse, having given up 1,635. Bill Cubit likely sees this as an opportunity to impose his complete and utter will against a weak unit. Miami did hold Cincinnati scoreless through 55 minutes of action last week, but if Cubit can break the Redhawks’ will early, he can get them to revert to more of the team that allowed two touchdowns in the remaining five minutes. Expect Scheelhaase and Cubit to shoot for the stars together.

Jonathan Brown vs. Miami running game

The senior linebacker has 38 total tackles through three games. And those are from games against teams that passed all over Illinois — and over the heat-seeking helmet of Brown. Miami has passed just 21 times this season, and run 106 times. Compared with Illinois’ 100 passes and 105 runs, it’s evident that Miami just doesn’t run many plays, but a five-to-one ratio is quite notable. Masters of the three-and-out, Miami’s various ball carriers will be running right into Brown’s wheelhouse. As he’s been named to various watch lists and currently listed atop most statistical categories, expect Brown to have a field day.

Illinois fans staying vs. Illinois fans leaving

The improved offense and the win over a viable opponent in Cincinnati should lead to a boost in attendance numbers for Illinois. But Illini fans, used to leaving halfway through one-sided blowouts, will likely have something different to watch Saturday. Would Block I and the rest of Illini Nation be willing to sit through a blowout in which Illinois is the one running up the score? On the surface a home blowout sounds fun, but when you’re watching the same thing happening repeatedly, you’re bound to get a little bored right? Also worth noting is that it’s Dad’s Day. Will dads want to stay and watch a game that’s “over”? Dads are generally old school dudes, who stay to the end no matter what. It’ll be interesting to see whether a late game annexation occurs or if the Illini faithful stick it out to the end. Hopefully for the Illini, the actual game will have long been decided by the time it ends.