Greek housing can be exciting, also distracting

Of each living option on campus, living in a Greek house can be one of the most exciting. This campus has many housing options, but if you’re a member of the Greek community, you are usually required to live in the chapter house. I can’t speak for the fraternities on campus, but I’ve found that, as with any living option, living in a sorority has its pros and cons:


1. Need something to wear? There are more than 60 closets to scavenge

When it’s time to get ready for an interview, a social event or a regular weekday, there are clothing options in every room. It’s a lot of fun to get ready with the girls living in the house, as we always turn up the music, congregate in one room and swap clothes.

2. There’s always someone to talk to and hang out with

Coming home from a difficult exam to find girls hanging out in the living room is one of my favorite parts of living in my house. These girls are always ready to talk about anything. 

3. Don’t know how to cook? No problem

Having a chef who cooks lunch and dinner is a definite plus to living in a Greek house. In my chapter, Alpha Omicron Pi, our chef works through Hendrick House Catering and always makes delicious meals. If you only eat vegetarian or gluten-free dishes, the chef will make something that suits your lifestyle 

4. You form lasting friendships

This is my second year living in my house. This year, I am living with a whole new group of girls. I love that I’m able to become close with the younger girls after already becoming close with my own pledge class. Girls who don’t 

live in the chapter house come to the house for meals and meetings, so I am always able to catch up with them.

5. There are always people to stay in with or go out with

If I have a busy week and want to stay in, I always have a group of friends who also want to relax at the house. On the other hand, if I am ready to go out for some fun after finishing all of my work, there are girls ready to do that as well.


1. It is easy to get distracted

I’m not going to lie — sometimes it is easy to get distracted by having all of your closest friends living in one house. However, since I live close to the library, I can always run over to the library to finish my work if I have a lot to get done.

2. You might spend too much time with the same people

When you’re living in a house with your closest friends, there really isn’t much variety. Though I always enjoy hanging out with the girls in my house, it is a must to get out of the house and see other friends living elsewhere or in other chapters on campus.

3. There is not much independence

You don’t get the experience of living on your own when you are in a Greek house. There is someone cooking the food, cleaning the house and there are more than 60 other people living with you, give or take a few. In a chapter house, you don’t get to experience the independence that comes with living in an apartment.


As expected,  it can get loud. But all you have to do to get away from the noise is hang out in your room, sit out on the porch or go for a walk. Or, maybe you don’t want to get away from the noise. In that case—join it!

5. Girls encourage you to go out, even when you shouldn’t

There will always be those weeks when you have a lot of homework or exams. It’s important to remember to stick to your studying, so that when the time comes, you can join your friends and have fun once your difficult week is over.

Living in a Greek house has its ups and downs, but I personally don’t usually hear of anyone not enjoying the experience overall. Next year I will definitely miss living in the AOII house. I know that I will come back to the house frequently for the meals, girl-talk and just because I will miss the AOII house, or as we call it, the AOII “mansh.”

Olivia is a junior in Media. She can be reached at [email protected]