There’s no place like home: 10 housewarming tunes

It’s been a month since we’ve flown from our nests and the warm, comfortable embrace of our parents. We’ve managed to grab everything that we can from our rooms, our parents’ kitchen and our basement to try filling up our new living spaces with iconic posters, cheap furniture and somewhat durable kitchen appliances.

Whether it’s a dorm, an apartment or a house, we are compelled for the next few months to make the best out of these spaces. While living in these cramped conditions are all part of the “college experience,” this playlist may help you realize that there’s no place like home.

1. Luther Vandross — “A House is Not Home”

You’ve just moved into your new place, and it’s completely empty. The smell of Clorox and an old building overwhelms you, but you’re excited. As you begin to unpack, you find stacks of pictures that you want to display. Luther Vandross’ classic R&B song reminds you that your loved ones make your house a home, and you can’t wait to make new memories with your roommates. 

2. Meek Mill — “House Party”

Finally, you and your roommates are all settled. The first weekend of school calls for a party. It’s a time to reconnect with

mer, and so you invite them to your new crib. The party gets a little out of hand, but the memories make it all worthwhile.

3. Aaron Carter — “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)”

The aftermath of the party isn’t nearly what you expected. It’s worse, and you and your roommates have a huge mess to clean. This year is going to be epic, and so you’ve decided just to throw small get-togethers with your closest friends from now on.       

4. Blues Brothers — “Sweet Home Chicago”

Play hard, work hard. As the semester begins, homework continues to pile up. Assignments, projects and tests constantly occupy your time. The days morph into nights, and the semester feels like an endless cycle of stress and caffeine. You’re starting to feel homesick. You miss your dog, your friends and your family. All you want to do is go home to sweet home Chicago (even if you’re just from the suburbs of the Windy City).

5. Dear Landlord — “I Live In Hell”

The toilet won’t flush, and there’s water dripping from the living room ceiling. The water from the kitchen faucet suddenly turned brown and large crickets have become your new roommates. You call your landlord with your complaints, yet your emergencies don’t seem to phase him. You’re starting to realize that a cheap rent equals cheap living conditions, or that you’re paying too high for an unsatisfactory place 

6. Drake — “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

(Sigh.) Finally, a semester break. It didn’t come fast enough. You need a break from this place and from your roommates.

7. Descendents — “Suburban Home”

You’re back at home, and you’ve made plans to hang out with the old high school crew. You dedicate three days to seeing everyone you know, and during the rest of the vacation, you sleep, enjoy home-cooked meals and watch countless hours of TV.

8. Arctic Monkeys — “Still Take You Home”

The break ends, and you return to your college living space. You’re the first to come back, and the place looks exactly the way you left it.

9. Pitbull — “Hotel Room Service”

Your living situation remains consistent. You still have problems with your roommates, and every now and then, something doesn’t work in your apartment. If only you had enough money to just go to a hotel room for some peace and quiet. Instead, you just learn to deal and adapt.

10. Al Green — “Call Me (Come Back Home)”

As the year finally comes to an end, Al Green’s lyrics accurately sum up our feelings: “What a beautiful time we had together /Now it’s getting late, and we must leave each other / Just remember the time we had…”

Amanda is a senior in Media. She can be reached at [email protected]