What tips do you have for apartment living?

“Every single place I shop, I get a saver’s card. It actually saves a lot of money. I have Walgreens, County Market, Meijer and a few other ones. The card only helps you if you actually look into what’s on sale that day. One time, I got a gallon of milk for $2, and I got a “buy one, get one free” pack of batteries. You have the card but their deals are rare, so you have to look at ads and see what’s actually on sale.”

Kyra MacKenzie

junior in LAS

“Get good roommates, and avoid clutter in your apartment. A cluttered room means a cluttered mind. Being in a dark area, you tend to throw stuff everywhere. But if it’s well lit, you can kind of see how disgusting it is. So keeping it clean is a good thing.”

Shan Jafri

senior in LAS

“Have a budget. Keep everything clean. Do the dishes often. Find an apartment with air conditioning. Especially if you’re staying over the summer, look for a place with air conditioning.”

Kait Nelson

junior in LAS

“You have to really be independent and manage your time because when you’re by yourself, you have to buy your own stuff, you have to buy your own food and your mama is not going to be there doing stuff for you.”

Kyra Jackson

junior in AHS

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