What type of dad is your dad?

With a football win under our belts and memories to last a lifetime, Dad’s Weekend once again has come and gone until next fall.

Weekend festivities included attending the football game, eating dinner at one of the many fine bars on campus and going for Sunday morning brunch before departing for home. Many of these activities were sprinkled with some drinking that may have caused dads to dance on the tables of Red Lion or swing around the poles at Joe’s — so it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the past weekend to decide exactly what type of dad your dad is.

The first type of dad is the former frat star.

This dad arrives at Dad’s Weekend with one purpose and one purpose only: to relive the glory days. With his croakies securely in place and his Sperrys tied tightly, he approaches the beer pong with a competitive spirit that current students marvel at. This dad is the life of the party and provides constant entertainment to those around him because he knows how to have a good time. After all, he’s had experience.

He will pose for all of the Instagram pictures and may even do the splits after he’s won a game of beer pong, just for old time’s sake. Though he is an excellent flippy cup competitor, he may get a little carried away and walk the fine line between embarrassing and cool.

The next kind of dad is on the other end of the spectrum from the former frat star — the uptight dad.

He stands idly by as his son or daughter tries to rope him into the festivities, reaffirming that he is an adult now and will not engage in such childish activities. His tucked in shirt with a belt that is one loop too tight makes him stick out among the carefree students that crowd the college scene.

Though he had a good time back in the day, those days are long behind him, and he chooses more conservative ways to pass the time. Children of these types of dads usually avoid the classy bars on campus and are on their best behavior for such a weekend.

Now, if you have any reason to believe that this next dad may describe your own father, serious measures must be taken. Conversations need to be had. The next kind of dad is the flirty dad.

Yes, these are the divorcees at the peak of their mid-life crises who bought motorcycles and never looked back. They come onto campus guns blazing and ready to flirt inappropriately with girls much too young for them.

Symptoms of this kind of dad include, but are not limited to: awkward compliments, hugging for a second too long and buying excessive amounts of drinks.

The final characterization is the emotional dad that wants to hash out all of your issues in one weekend. Though he comes with a positive attitude, one snide comment takes the weekend in a whole different direction filled with shouting and tears over things that happened while you were in high school.

This is the dad who has had enough with your attitude, and you wind up screaming at each other on a street corner. But once everything is said and done, you’re able to hug it out, put the past behind you and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

As you take a moment to decide which of the following groups your dad fits into, also ponder this fact: The one thing all of them have in common is that they came to the University to spend time with us, their children. For those lucky enough to have spent time with their fathers over this past weekend, know that you are truly blessed to have that person in your life.

Though the parties and the football games are fun, none of it matters as long as you’re spending time with the person that made it all possible for you: your dad.

Kate is a senior in LAS. She can be reached at [email protected]