ISS elects new liaison to the Urbana City Council

Student Senator Jacob Stewart was elected Illinois Student Senate liaison to the Urbana City Council at Wednesday’s meeting.

In his speech, Stewart, senior in ACES, listed his previous experience with municipal government and explained that he wants to continue working with such agencies to represent the student body.

“I hope to create a branch in between the school and the community surrounding the school,” Stewart said. “I want to make sure that we have informed students willing to work with council and have students that can speak up for the students.”

The senate also voted in favor of a resolution entitled 2014 ISS Quad Connection, calling for the senate to set up an informational booth on the Quad every week. They will distribute cups, sunglasses and pamphlets about ISS to solicit new members.

The new program will cost ISS approximately $1,600 and senators such as Rachel Heller, junior in DGS, support the idea because the senate’s “main purpose is to reach out to the students, and this program does just that.”

Some members brought up concerns about logistics including how many supplies they will need, as well as the effectiveness of giving students pamphlets, referring to the likelihood that students will read the information. Ultimately, the members decided to support the program.

“We’re spending student money on students,” said Dominique Johnson, student senator and sophomore in LAS. “If they choose to decorate the quad with (the pamphlets) or flush them down the toilet, that’s their money.”

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