Den Liquors sign collapses during storm, hits woman in back

A Den Liquors employee said a woman was injured after the store’s sign collapsed during a storm Saturday afternoon.

“We’re not sure if lighting struck or what exactly happened,” said Dishant Tailor, who works at the store, located at 606 S. Sixth St.

Tailor said a group of three or four women were leaving the store when the sign fell. 

“We ran right out to see if everyone was okay, and unfortunately, she was the one who got hit. Everyone else was fine,” Tailor said. 

A woman was hit in the back by the sign, Tailor said. He also said someone then called for an ambulance to take the woman to a local hospital.

Tailor said they have never had issues with the sign since the store’s opening in 2011. A technician was called to review the collapse. He said they don’t know how long it will take for them to replace the sign.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article incorrectly called the store Dens Liquors. The store is called Den Liquors. A previous version also incorrectly stated that the sign has had issues since the store opened in 2012. The sign has never had issues and the store opened in 2011. The Daily Illini regrets the errors.