University care packages ignore students’ nutritional needs

As a parent of a student at the University, I just received the order form for the final exam care packages. It touts “tasty and wholesome foods designed to bring encouragement.” 


Needless to say, the items included do not even come close to “wholesome.” The list includes items such as M&M’s, Skittles, ramen noodles, Laffy Taffy, Bugles and Oreos.

As a certified clinical nutritionist, I place all of these foods into the category of dead foods. This translates to foods devoid of any nutritional value. 

Additionally, these so-called foods are packed with sugars, dyes and preservatives which only add undue stress to students’ already overtired and anxiety riddled brains. 

As a top University with a nutrition program, I’m saddened to see the complete lack of responsibility and concern for the students’ well-being. Have the studies showing decreased comprehension, decreased memory and poor behavior from meals and snacks that lack a balance of protein, healthy fats and fruits or vegetables not been viewed by those overseeing student life? 

I should hope that many parents, like myself, see through this false advertising by not placing an order. 

Although the University chooses to pretend it’s serving the students with this sale, it appears more like a fundraiser, which hopes to take advantage of unsuspecting parents.

Marcy Kirshenbaum, 

alumna 1985