Greek of the Week: DJ D-Mand


Dan Manning, Kappa Delta Rho fraternity member and junior in LAS, DJs at KAM’S at night. Manning has been a DJ for the on-campus bar for a year and a half.

At KAM’S, Dan Manning is not known as “Dan” but rather DJ “D-Mand.” 

For Manning, an active member of Kappa Delta Rho fraternity and junior in LAS, mixing and listening to music is more than mere entertainment — it is a passion and hobby that he believes will be an important part of his life for years to come. 

Manning has been DJing at KAM’S for a year and a half. Pradeep Chawla, University alumnus and friend and mentor to Manning, believes the DJ’s personal style is what makes him stand out on campus.

“Dan is able to switch up genres really well, which is something you don’t see from some DJs on campus,” Chawla said. “He has an open-format style and knows what songs to play for the crowd to have a good reaction. He is one of the better DJs on campus.”  

Manning said he enjoys playing 90s music, and “stuff people will want to sing along to and know every word to.”

“But I also like mixing old music with new music,” he said.

Manning also said he is willing to take song requests and make himself available to his audience.

“With Dan, I feel like he actually will listen to people’s requests,” Chawla said. “He’s easy to approach while DJing … He’ll take a couple of seconds to see what’s up.” 

Leroy Ekechukwu, booking manager of KAM’S and graduate student, said Manning’s friendly personality is one of the main reasons why he hired him to DJ at the bar.

“KAM’S had one of the DJs I regularly schedule (working) upstairs, and I believe a private party going on downstairs,” Ekechukwu said. “I went down there to listen to the DJ, who happened to be Dan. I liked the music he was playing and his attention to the partygoers.”

Ekechukwu added that Manning is professional and easy to work with, making him an asset to the KAM’S staff.

“I’ve never heard a complaint about him, which makes my relationship with KAM’S less stressful,” Ekechukwu said. “He’s also open to constructive criticism, which tells me he is always trying to better himself as a DJ. Without using the microphone, Dan can pack a dance floor, and that’s a pretty impressive thing to be able to do.”

Manning first became interested in DJing when his friend, a student at Columbia College in Chicago, began mixing music. He then downloaded a free DJ program, Virtual DJ, on his computer, and learned the basics.  

“I picked it up as a hobby and got the hang of it really quickly,” he said. “I have a huge music knowledge now, and you have to have that to be a good DJ.”

According to Manning, meeting DJ Trentino, a DJ from Chicago who specializes in Electro House and dubstep, only heightened his passion. Manning added that Trentino was not as popular as other famous DJs, such as Avicii or Skrillex, but was someone he looked up to.

“He is my idol. I want to be like someone like him,” Manning said. “The best DJs in the world aren’t really that famous.”

Manning added that his status as a brother of Kappa Delta Rho fraternity has also influenced him to become a DJ.

“Before I started playing at the bars, I was playing at our events,” Manning said. “The way I feel is that if I’m going to be there, I’d rather DJ than just stay there and party.”

Manning added that controlling the music for his fraternity events also made him become comfortable with an audience.

“Playing for my frat gave me a lot of confidence, and I wasn’t nervous to start playing at the bars,” Manning said. “I could handle it.”

Manning competed in his first DJ battle last semester at The Red Lion. Although he did not win, Manning is looking forward to his next battle this semester: WPGU’s “Frattle of the DJs,” which will take place later this semester.

“I’m looking up for Frattle,” Manning said. “I’m in it to win it.”

The next time Manning will DJ at KAM’S will be Thursday, Jan. 30, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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