Staying in same apartment has benefits over moving


Most people are surprised when I tell them I’ve lived in the same apartment with the same roommate for three years. I’ll admit, it has its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

For one, I’ve never had to move out. That means for me, summer vacation requires a suitcase of clothes. No couches, no closet contraptions, no chairs, no dishes. And I don’t need my mom or dad to come down to help load up the car, or a truck in my case.

It’s also been great that I’ve only had to go apartment hunting once. Looking for a new apartment can be stressful. Not only do you need to find suitable roommates, but you also need to find a place that is comfortable, is in a good location and, sometimes hardest of all, is in your price range.

What some people might not think about, too, is how living in the same place for more than a year helps make it feel like home. I know I’m not alone in getting homesick sometimes, even as a senior, and being in a familiar environment that I’ve had three years to add my personal touch to has been a comfort.

Living in the same place has also helped me build relationships with the faces I recognize from all the way back in sophomore year. Sure, not everyone stays put, but when a few of your neighbors do, it can be a great time.

Despite all the positive aspects of keeping the same apartment for three years, I’ll admit there are a few drawbacks.

Living in a new place brings with it new experiences, something you miss out on if you don’t move.

Even though I love my apartment, from the building itself to the location, it would have been nice to see Champaign-Urbana from a new perspective. Maybe I would have discovered a new restaurant, a cool shop or just met a new friend.

Also, not moving has made my last three years all kind of blend together. Had I moved, each year would have stood out to me and my memories would have been more distinct because I could base them on the place I lived in.

Even with all of these cons in mind, I have no regrets about living in the same place for three consecutive years.

Still, I recognize that not everyone is lucky enough to have a good experience, and sometimes you just have to move.

Brittani Turner, junior in LAS, said if you can avoid moving, do so, but if you aren’t happy, there’s no reason to stay.

“If you don’t like where you’re staying, move,” she said. “You’re not a tree; you can move.” 

For Jason Benjoya, sophomore in LAS, the decision to move depends on the apartment itself.

“If the apartment is in a good location, if I like living in that apartment, it’s not disgusting, I’d probably just stay there because it would be easier to renew the lease than to look for a new place,” he said.

Erin Schanaberger, senior in LAS, has lived somewhere different all four years, including a house in Urbana and, currently, an apartment in Champaign.

“I definitely liked being able to move around,” she said. “Every different location was kind of a different experience.”

In the end, every situation is different. But if you like your roommates and your place, the benefits of staying put surely outweigh the cons.

Julia is a senior in Media. She can be reached at [email protected]