Officers respond to stabbing at an apartment in Urbana

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Officers were dispatched to 902 E. Harding Dr., in Urbana on April 18, after receiving a call regarding a disturbance at the property.

According to the press release, a male and a female fought in the apartment. The female tried to leave the property, but the male forced her to return.

The male was identified as Ismail A. Ervin, 28. He lives in the apartment where the incident took place.

When officers arrived at the property, no one responded from within the apartment, according to the press release. Officers eventually forced entry into the apartment and called out to speak to those inside the apartment, knowing there were at least two individuals inside.

According to the release, Ervin called out to the officers saying that if they did not leave he would “blow her head off.” Officers then left the apartment and established a perimeter around the property.

Officers stayed near the entryway talking to the male the entire time. Ervin claimed to be in the possession of a handgun and was holding the female captive in a room with him.

The METRO team took over the scene at the apartment and started negotiating with Ervin. Team members decided to enter the apartment because Ervin’s behavior became increasingly unpredictable, according to the release.

Once inside, Ervin was found stabbing the female victim with a screwdriver. He was then taken into custody and the female was taken to a local hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Officers found no gun inside the apartment following a search of the property.

The female has since been treated and released from the hospital.

The male was arrested and taken to the Champaign County Jail, according to the press release. He was charged with attempted murder.

Ervin will be arraigned Monday at 1 p.m.

Bryan Boccelli and Miranda Holloway contributed to this report.