Champaign Cycle Co. prepares for fifth annual Community Used Bike Sale


Visitors view the bikes for sale at the Community Used Bike Sale in 2013 hosted by the Champaign Cycle Co. This year will be the fifth annual event and will benefit Habitat for Humanity. 

By Julia Marbach

On Saturday, local business Champaign Cycle Co. will be partnering with Habitat for Humanity for their fifth annual Community Used Bike Sale. Proceeds will go to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

The sale will take place at the store’s Champaign location at 506 S. Country Fair Drive. Doors open at 10 a.m. and the sale will continue until 5 p.m.; however, Peter Davis, 67, owner and operator of Champaign Cycle, warns that bikes sell fast. ?

“It’s almost like a feeding frenzy for the first couple of hours,” said John Bryniarski, 26, service manager of Champaign Cycle. “There’s usually 30 to 40 people lined up right when we open it, and in the first two hours, I would say, maybe half the bikes sell.”

So far, they have received about 100 bikes, Davis said, which people can bring to the shop by Friday night closing at 6 p.m. Davis said he expects to recieve up to 50 more.

Each bike is then inspected for safe operating conditions, Davis said, and customers can find a tag which ranks them by their condition in five areas.

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    “A lot of times the bikes are in OK running shape … so they’re ride-able, that people buy them,” Bryniarski said. “Sometimes, they want different pedals or accessories put on them so they’ll bring them right inside the shop and pick out some new parts for it.”

    There are two classes of donors, Davis said. Those whom are selling their bikes at consignment, in which the owners get 80 percent of the proceeds and Habitat receives 20 percent. Then, there are those bikes that are completely donated, in which all of the proceeds go to Habitat.

    For bikes not sold, consigned bikes will return to owners and donated bikes will then be placed in Habitat’s restore, said Ashley Young, sales employee and senior in ACES and Engineering.

    Customers can expect a range of bicycles, including road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, tandems and folding bikes.

    “Basically about everything you can think of,” Davis said.

    The bikes also come at a range of prices, from $15.00 standard bikes to a $1,000 Schwinn Paramount and a $14,000 Cannondale Tandem.

    For those looking to purchase, Davis said it is important to note that only cash or check are accepted, no credit cards.

    Last year, they sold around 110 bikes and made about $5,000 for Habitat for Humanity, Davis said. They hope to be just as successful, if not more, this year.

    For more information, visit or call 217-352-7600.

    Julia can be reached at [email protected]