Strawberry Fields quells rumors of closure

By Christine Olivo

Rumors of Strawberry Fields closing can be put to rest, according to the Natural Food Market’s employees. However, there still may be big changes for the store in the future.

According to Philipp Fraund, category manager of health and body care, Strawberry Fields has been put up for sale and could relocate in the near future.

“That’s all I can really say,” Fraund said. “As of right now we don’t have any bidders, but it is on the market.”

Fraund also confirmed that the store will not be closing, despite recent rumors.

Strawberry Fields, located at 306 W. Springfield Ave., Urbana, is a natural food market that sells a large assortment of products that are gluten free, vegan and organic.

“We focus on natural foods here,” said Eli King, barista at Strawberry Fields. “We get eggs and a lot of our other products from local farmers.”

King said that supporting local businesses and farmers is what keeps a strong following at the store.

“We have a lot of regular customers,” King said. “We are busier than you would think.”

Inside the store, a bakery sells goods such as smoothies, frappes and coffee. They also sell various kinds of cupcakes, such as banana and coconut, chocolate mint, vegan chocolate butterscotch, vegan peanut butter brownies and more. There is also a sit-down area inside and outside the store for customers to enjoy their purchases.

The market also has a beauty section, containing various lotions, shampoos, body cleanses, vitamins, herbs oils and make up.

“Everything here is unique to what you would find in the big chain stores,” Fraund said. “The products here are supposed to be healthier in some way. Our products are organic and natural with less questionable ingredients you may find in other stores.”

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