Online learning tools essential to student success

Being college students, it is important to learn about the online learning tools since many classes use them as a medium. Students should also learn about their online access to academic journals and the University’s databases, which will be useful for any kind of research in the future.

1. Compass

Compass is one of the platforms that help students and instructors collaborate online. Instructors can share course content and students can view them as well as turn in their assignments online. It is also used as a space for questions and group discussions. Students can also take exams and view their grades online. You can access Compass 2g at

2. Moodle

Similar to Compass, Moodle allows students and instructors to interact online. They have different interface but the functions are the same. Moodle, however, is only used by College of Education and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality, which is an online series that helps students and faculty members teach and learn online, is also available on Moodle. You can access Moodle at

3. Library websites and databases

The University of Illinois Library is the largest public university library in the United States. The databases hold almost every article and journal ever published, and it is very easy to navigate. Individual library websites also provide help and guidelines in specific areas as well. The library homepage can be accessed at

4. College websites

Each college, and some departments, has its own website, which provides information for students, alumni and faculty members. These websites provide program information, and they also update news related to the college/department for anyone interested. The University of Illinois homepage,, has a list of individual college and department websites.

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