Q-and-A: Quad Day Coordinator Dementro Powell

The Daily Illini sat down with Dementro Powell, assistant director of the Illini Union and the coordinator of Quad Day, to discuss what students can look forward to during Quad Day 2014, which will be held on Sunday.

Daily Illini: Can you tell me about your specific role in the planning of Quad Day? What types of tasks are you in charge of? 

Dementro Powell: Ultimately, I am responsible for the entire event. My role consists of getting the event started with registration, working with marketing to get it advertised, troubleshooting, responding to questions, approving spaces and what goes out on the Quad, along with all administrative duties. I also oversee (everything as it) happens essentially with the assistance of different staff within the Student Programs & Activities Office. This is definitely a group effort that I could not, nor would I, want to do without my incredible team.

DI: How have you seen Quad Day evolve since you became coordinator? 

DP: I have only been here for two years, and from what I can tell in those two years, not much has changed in terms of the formula other than the size has grown and we have more of the food vendors participating this year.

DI: Is there anything new and exciting to look forward to for Quad Day 2014?  

DP: The only new features are the added vendors this year and that there are approximately 80 more groups this year participating. I also look forward to seeing the new groups out there.

DI: Is there a Quad Day booth that stands out to you? Perhaps for being exceptionally creative, funny or interesting?

DP: No, but the demonstration area usually has exciting things to see such as racecars, chemistry exhibits and miniature golf activities. There are also performances from RSOs throughout the day. The Illini marching band opens up the event, so that is always good.

DI: What is your best advice for freshmen students attending their first Quad Day? How can they make the most of the experience? 

DP: Be prepared for large crowds and keep your phones charged in order to download the app that will provide you with the map of where all the organizations who registered on time are. Take the time to scope as many groups as you can, but know that Quad Day is not their only opportunity to contact groups. They can always go to Collegiatelink at illinois.collegiatelink.net to follow up on groups or search for others that may have been at Quad Day, but didn’t get to see them and would like to contact them.  

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